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Termites are EVERYWHERE

If you are looking to purchase a stand alone home here in SoCal don't be surprised to learn that your home will have termites. Getting a termite report during escrow is one of the most common inspections a buyer can get. Because most homes are built from wood frames you should expect your home will probably have some termite damage if it has not been tented in 2-3 years. Because most home owners do not hire routine pest service often termite activity returns every 2-4 years after tenting.

EXCEPTION - condos typically have routine pest shrives as part of the HOA fee (ask if they do). This Helps prevent the complex from large unexpected repairs. Condo termites reports are typically "interior only" and will report no active infestation.


Termite reports are broken down into two sections:

Section 1 - are typically items related directly to active termite infestation. Most commonly these items are handled by tenting, spot treatment, or replacement of wood where necessary.

Section 2 - these are accessory finding discovered by the inspector upon inspecting - things like fungus growth, leaky faucet, water damage, ect...

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