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FIVE things that impact your interest rate

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Think your credit score is the only thing that impacts your interest rate? Think again.

Below are the 5 demographics that impact your interest rate. The sub-categories of each demographic are listed in order from LOWEST to HIGHEST risk. The sub-category highest in the list represent the lowest risk to the bank and corresponding the best interest rate pricing.

1. Occupancy Type

*Owner Occupied / Primary

*2nd Home/ Vacation Home

*Investment Property / Rental Property

2. Property Type

*Single family home/ SFR/ House

*Condo (Low Rise, Mid Rise, High Rise)



*2 unit/ Duplex

*3 unit / Triplex

*4 unit

3. LTV (Loan to Value Ratio)


4. Transaction Type


*Refinance - Rate & Term (no cash out)

*Refinance- Cash Out

5. Credit Score


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